Yeah, agreed, I don't expect we'll see the Ryzen 2 chips until late Q2/early Q3 next year at this stage.
My biggest concern with Coffee Lake is that Intel has had thermal issues with Kaby Lake and overclocking, so with a higher tdp (these chips are rumoured to be as high as 115w, which explains why they can't be used on z270 boards), the thermals could be disastrous. Hopefully not the case, though.




I expect to go to Water Cooled AIO this time around.


In 20+ years of IT, I have seen 3 Faulty CPU's ever. 2 of them were my 4770K Intel in my home computer. 


I am nursing mine till Coffee Lake and assuming no horrible surprises, that will be my next CPU. If they review badly, I'll jump to Ryzen.