WaffleMakerMan: What would be best for a "solder reflow" doing the heat gun or the overheat method

I think the overheat (no fans till 2rrod) would be best as a first try as the protection systems on the xbox are protecting it from over-temping and the heat is focused where you need it only (around the CPU/GPU)

The heat gun would be good as a second option maybe if the first didn't work. I'ld be concerned about overheating the components to destruction though.

Just thought ild add to this since ive been researching it a bit when you do the x-clamp mod "overheating" to reflow the solder is a waste of time because it will never be hot enough to do that, If your heatgunning you need a thermocouple so you can atleast monitor the temps and some form of pre-heater to stop the board warping. Bear in mind if you heat gun it theres a very high chance of destroying the board.