I'm looking to replace my old Linksys WAG160N, which frankly is a piece of junk which drops out 2+ times per day.

I'm currently looking at teh Netgear DGND3700 N600, anyone have some experience with this one?

Requirements are:

- Good range (my room is top right room of 2 storey house, router located in the bottom left corner of ground floor). I've had to wire an ethernet plug into my wall, but if I could get reasonable coverage for general internet browsing that would be great

- Reliable, sick of the current one dropping out constantly

- Decently quick, doesn't have to be record setting but want it to be reasonable

Budget isn't a huge issue, but I'd guess 200-250 max. I'd prefer a router/modem combo for sake of simplicity, but I could be sold on 2 separate boxes.

Any feedback or thoughts would be great, thanks!