ushare: And one last question :P

Are powerline adapters fine for hd streaming??

Simple answer is: nope.

Why do you say that? I'm guessing you've never actually played with any modern powerline kit to have that opinion.

Just going by what others have said on these threads. If my opinion is incorrect then sorry.

I've used PowerLine adapters and I don't believe it's a yes/no answer. My experience has been that PowerLine adapters are much like WiFi in that the signal degrades due to external factors - poor electrical wiring, dodgy appliance in another room, unstable supply (like 225V instead of 230 etc.), too much distance etc. Last Powerlines I had were rated at 40 or 50Mbps, but I got less than one tenth of that as sustained throughput. Never touched them again. Sure, they are modern, but there is no control over the basic, layer one medium that holds the whole thing together. That's my experience and opinion.

Anyhow, the overall problem is very, very easy to troubleshoot. Get an Ethernet cable from a mate, plug it into the modem and your various devices, excluding combinations of suspect devices as you go. This will tell you precisely where the bottle necks are if you vary the hardware combinations enough with each test. Be sure to test with differnet media content and speed tests as you go to prevent caching from giving you false experiences. Check each device and each combination of devices. It will take a good part of an afternoon, but you may save a lot of money not buying things that may not make a difference.

Good luck, let us know what you find.