Hi All,


I have just brought a new Netgear DGND3700v2 Wireless Gigabit Modem/Router. All my wired devices are working perfectly (have uninterrupted internet and LAN access), but all my wireless devices are either not picking up the internet connection for ages (5+ mins) or are loosing it intermittently for long periods, but the LAN connection is solid.


When rebooting my laptop I have noticed that the wireless LAN connects as it should and I can view files etc on my LAN devices, but the tray icon reports no internet access. I can see network PCs, I can MSTSC into my other PCs, but I cannot get the internet, cannot ping etc. If I leave it for a while, sometimes it connects and the internet works fine for a while......then if I leave it a while after using the net, it drops again. Same thing on all wireless devices.


Here is what I have so far.


-The DGND3700v2 is on an ADSL connection and is in Modem/router mode
-Status on the DGND3700v2 show solid internet connection with no drops
-All wired devices are working fine 100% of the time
-2 wireless laptops and 2 iphones are showing the same internet connectivity issues
-when internet drops out, I can ping all LAN devices from a wireless device and vice versa, can file share and MSTSC fine. I cannot ping (I use this for testing)
-Have tried WPA and WPA2 encryption with no change


So its almost like the router decides its not going to route the wireless to the internet for some reason. I find it strange that it will work some times without any changes to the router though.


Has anyone got any suggestions I could try, or any other fault finding method I could use to track the issue down?

Thanks for your help