Now, I'm unsure if I should have posted this under the gaming section, as this is an attempt to fix a gaming error. However, the error has thrown me into this networking/router section of the internet. 

Mario Kart 8 throws an error 118-0516. I have tried as much as I can to get this thing to work but no matter what, it gives the same error.
I have tried port forwarding, setting up a static IP, using googles DNS servers. And now I am attempting to use this DMZ or bridging thing to try play a simple game online. But I have no clue on how to do it.

Could anyone give simple instructions on what I am after? I have the standard Telecom router that comes with the VDSL install (TG589vn v2). I also have a Thomson TG585v7, Thomson TG585v8 and a Technicolor TG582n that aren't being used. All of the previous had given issues with the old Wii + online, however, not this significant. I assumed with a new house, new wii, new Mario Kart, new router, the problem would have fixed itself like how I can play Xbox One games online perfectly...

But I guess Nintendo will always cause me problems.. lol.
A christmas gift thats main purpose has yet to be achieved. Zzz

Later I will plug in an old router and see if it works fine (though it wouldn't be VDSL then... would I even be able to use it??)
I'm also thinking of getting a new Router or Wii Lan Adapter to get Ethernet but that requires $$$. So that's plan Z.

Anyone have any solutions?