atomeara: Often the first part of your IP address will stay the same (depending on the subnet size it will vary) /48, /56 or /64 are common


According to Mynxnet it's /56, but the first four "blocks" don't match (Mynxnet says it starts with 2400, but OS X and ipv6-test both list it starting with 2002).



I will confirm the Mynxnet v6 addresses people are being assigned at the moment are out of this this range, and they are /56's

e.g. 2400:ee80:2000:xxxx::/56


You will be assigned a /56 you will need your v6 DHCP will need to be set up to dish out an address from the /56 you have to your network devices. I am not familiar with the device you are using, so I cant help you more unfortunately.