exactly, its not about playing mkvs throughout the house, cat6 handles that just fine.  its about taking potentially a 4k resolution from a computer and displaying that on multiple screens.  HDMI might be the answer now, but in 10 years time will HDMI still be the standard? if so what version???  Seems to be more logical to do that via ethernet cables using a HDBaseT type device, so may as well use the absolute best ethernet cable available today, which is cat7a as far as im aware.




just can't find a place to really import it, thought someone would of done it before here.  



With Cat7a still relatively new and therefore thin on the ground, I'd say your best bet right now is to go with the best Cat7 you can find. Maybe something like this:




Cat7 still has the 600MHz per channel bandwidth needed for HDMI 2.0a @ 18Gbps. That covers all the current HDMI spec, but with HDMI 2.1 on the way who knows. Yes, you could wait and see what the 2.1 spec requires or try and find Cat7a spec cable now (which will give you 1000MHz bandwidth) but at what cost? And maybe that wouldn't be enough in 5 years anyway when HDMI 3.0 requires 36Mbps bandwidth for the latest 8K screens...


Seriously though, the only way you'll really be able to truely future-proof a cable install is to run fibre. I guess it depends on if being future-proof is worth the significant upfront outlay!?!