I've got a static IP (203.x.x.x) and a new /30 subnet (111.x.x.x/30) on my UFB connection, but I can't seem to get my Netcomm NFV4 to work with multiple WAN IP addresses.


Anyone know if this is possible? I doubt it is...


Should I just get a new router, like the Edgerouter Lite, or something else that people can recommend, to support a static IP + /30 subnet, with multiple IPs on the WAN port, and then route each IP as required.






Edit... I found that the NF4V supports multi NAT (One2One, One2Many, Many2One, Many2Many), e.g. I could point all traffic for one of the IP's in the /30 subnet (e.g. 111.x.x.x.6) to an internal device IP (, but couldn't manage any firewall rules on this.