Well it didn't help that last week the cat knocked a glass of water on my surface which has travelled to parts unknown with an equally unknown return date.  IE:  I don't have access to the usual bookmarks etc.  So I am surviving on an 8 inch android tab which is rather annoying.


So we have a huge house.  We have a VDSL Spark Wifi Router in the garage which feeds through by ethernet I think to a dlink at the other end.  So we routinely change routers as we travel between zones in the house.  A few days ago I was on my tablet near the garage and suddenly my spark connection died.  Rebooted both routers but no change.  The D Link is working fine down the other end of the house.  But the Huawei router is showing on my android tablet as having a strong signal but is not connecting.  Normally it goes, tap the spark icon, shows "connecting" for 5 secs and then "authenticating" and then the wireless fan at the top of the page when it has connected.  Now, I press the Spark icon, it flashes almost faster than you can see "connected" then it says secure but does not connect and there is no fan signal.  However when you tap into the connection, the tablet shows the signal is strong.  Various reboots later I get a hold of spark.  They suggest a reset so my son connects his pc up via Ethernet to the router, they poke the hole in the back and reset the passwords.  His PC is then working on wifi in the garage, he gets my tab and that too is working on spark wifi in the doorway to the garage.   Spark goes, my tablet works for a few more minutes and a few further metres away and we are back to disconnection again with no reconnection.  Same with my son's Toshiba.  Plenty of signal but no connection.


We all give up and migrate down the other end of the house and log on to the d link and get on with life.    We have Getflix so I reset the IP address and redo the DNS server addresses on both my tablet and my sons PC as these too have come off with the reset.  Then we decided to watch TV, Netflix is set to local and appears via the dlink wifi on our smart TV but we are bored and want lightbox.  This comes via the d link wifi on the smart TV but must go through Chromecast and the Android Tablet.  So there is no sign of Chromecast on the smart TV (although we always use the dlink wifi to access the smart TV and this hasn't changed) and both google chrome and the light box app show no signs of a casting signal (or share in settings on google chrome) so no chrome casting either.  Local Netflix working on d Link wifi but no chromecast on the same TV.  


As the last 3 times, I have dealt with spark I have not received an answer to my problems after quite an investment of time (not this issue, the two before as well)  I was wondering if anyone here could suggest anything?  I can access the router online via the dlink but am having trouble knowing what to try next and also don't know how to reset the DNS addresses after the reset.   So I am willing to try if anyone has any idea and would be grateful for all suggestions.  Thanks.