So...Been running this NAS as a media server / storage box for last 12 months hassle free. It's been turned off several times during that period and powers back on just fine and is found by my main windows desktop.




Had a power cut yesterday and at some point, the NAS, the Router and the managed switch powered down. I've now noticed that the NAS is missing from the Network under windows explorer - the window that lists Computer followed by your drives then another tag called network. It used to be called Synology and sit under the network icon. I could explore it and open up various shares / drag and drop files into those shares.   I got it back last night through rebooting the NAS and after lots of kerfuffle. It just appeared.  Thought it was working fine then powered on the PC today and its missing again.  




It stil has its static IP. I can dial into it just fine using the synology web interface / address from my PC. I can access all the shares on it just fine using the web interface. I can access it using my htpc as well and it plays fine with kobi.


I just can't see it on the network. Tried restarting it but nothing different. 


Its connected into a Netgear Prosafe Switch which in turn is connected into my Asus AC88U router.  


I'm guessing this is a glitch versus a hardware issue but I've tried everything I can / know and am stuck.


Help appreciated thanks




Running Windows 7 


Also just checked and main desktop is the 'master browser'. I also just typed \\synology into windows explorer and its now popped up on the network again and i can drag drop into it. What does that mean ?