Sounds to me like your electrician didn't test before saying all done... a Ethernet feed can actually 'work' while being badly wired at times too, which will inherently fail later.




I recommend you ask him to make sure he tests all the drops with a proper tool, otherwise get in someone who knows what they are doing.



Thats my thought, one of the links is probably fired wrong. If you check the wiring is tidy and correct behind each outlet and also wired the same at each end of the cable, you will probably find the router-switch link is probably faulty.



Patch Panels don't support Auto MID-X.  Auto MID-X requires auto sensing ASIC therefore straight through or crossover can be used. Routers and switches are ASIC, not patch panels


Patch Panels are dumb manual terminals with no brain That's why patch cable is straight through.




Each end must be the same, so 568A cable cannot be mixed with 568B board...  











On a side note, I'm having the exact same problem as OP with a 10 year old t100 Kristil patch panel in my parents home.   Originally installed for "Home Automation".


2 RJ45's in mastewr bdrm & lounge were used for Infra Red connection between SatBox and TV. The other 9 Cat5's go to RJ12's in the bedrooms and POTS.  A sweperate Car5 is for the a;arm.


It's one big big mess.


The previous owners built the house, they told my parents that when the tech installed the patch and cable etc, they got the the disticnt impression he had no idea what he was doing. 


I found a 3 phase live cable hanging inside the patch cabinet  last week, along with a host of other cabling issues hio is aware of.


Yesterday I pulled the back off one of the RJ45's after trying in vain to get a connection between that and anything connected to the patch panel. Turned out Kristal used crossover cable between patch panel and bedroom. Guess IR isn't fussy. . HAHAH 


I was about to tear the panel out put a switch in.  I hope this helps someone. Maybe someone can point me a documentation for DA201 Kristil Tech panel?




PS. @hio thanks for your help, turned out ETP was wired up incorrectly along with most everything else lol.  Sent you PM








**Just noticed the spiceworks thread where I got the above image is a very similar topic to this one.