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Ultimate Geek

  # 2115247 27-Oct-2018 23:02
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My boss has one of these and says it is very good.


Yes he can hotspot his phone but this is a good start.



I know enough to be dangerous


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Uber Geek


  # 2115257 28-Oct-2018 00:32
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RunningMan: A powerline adaptor doesn't use WiFi, ...

stinger: ... As mentioned by another poster, a powerline device doesn't use wifi ... 


Technically true. Powerline provides Ethernet over electrical circuits. But ...


The mentioned TP-Link TL-WPA4220KIT has a WiFi module on the one node, instead of a RJ45 Ethernet port, to extend the WiFi signal.


If the home WiFi is cloned by the extender, then simply managing the extender is not enough. The son simply needs to move closer to the home AP to connect to the same WiFI SSID.

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Uber Geek


  # 2115258 28-Oct-2018 00:44



Can't you use the new screen time feature in iOS to limit what he does on the iPhone?


Will have a look, but could he not just override it or find a way around it?  He's 16


Back when I was 16, I signed up for my own ADSL account. As my mum would only pay for dialup. The cost was almost the same as what gigabit UFB costs today (inflation adjusted). Even though the speed was limited to 128K or 1/8th of a mbit. (not enough to meet the OECD definition of broadband)

The ISP terms and conditions said that you must be at least 18. (good thing they didn't check)

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Uber Geek

Lifetime subscriber

  # 2115263 28-Oct-2018 01:33
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My parents used to take away my keyboard, so I just used the onscreen keyboard with the mouse.. good times.

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Uber Geek


  # 2115266 28-Oct-2018 03:40
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@Peter12345: Hi, what for me is a knotty little list of options ... 





  1. Enhance my son’s wifi speed on his gaming PC



    1. Why use WiFi? The HG659b has got 4x1Gbps ports. A wired connection is more secure & stable
    2. The TL-WPA4220 KIT is a point solution.



      1. You generally would use this to solve one specific problem.
      2. frownYou would also have to connect to the web server of this WiFi access point (AP)/Extender on the local LAN to manage the WiFi state & settings. Unless their smartphone app is cloud enabled, you most likely will have to be at home & on the same WiFi network to manage the device. The user manual doesn't mention linking the device to the cloud; i.e. you have to be "at home", either physically or via VPN. yellIf you add additional devices, you will have to manage each device on its own.
      3. smile Cloning your home WiFi makes roaming around the home seamless, i.e. no need to stay close to that specific AP. This in turn means, even is you switch off the TL-WPA4220, yell he can simply move out of his room closer to the home AP.
      4. frownThis is an individual device that will not communicate with other devices on your network w.r.t. signal strength. It will compete with other WiFi signals in your surroundings.
      5. frown If you set up a dedicated SSID for him to manage his connection, you must ban his devices from your home network by blocking their MAC addresses
      6. smile The device has got WiFi schedules as per the manual (§ 3.7, pg 19). This is a hard on/off. yellIf WiFi is off & he needs to print his <whatever>, he'll have to wait until WiFi is back on.
      7. smile The device has got parental controls as per the manual (§ 3.8, pg 22) yell Seems this is time limits only. No blocking of website/game categories or URLs
      8. frown Distance between PowerLine devices can mean they don't "see" each other. Only way to find out is to buy & try. We can't give you that answer.
      9. frown Different power circuits in the house can mean they don't "see" each other. Only way to find out is to buy & try. We can't give you that answer.


    3. Google Home & Netgear Orbi are turnkey solutions.



      1. smile The hardware manufactures provide you with a package that works together with the other bits and only require one administration interface, regardless of number of APs added to the network.
      2. frown Multiple devices are strategically placed throughout your house smile to provide good coverage. frown This also increases your electricity usage by a tiny amount.
      3. smile Together with the master controller, these devices create a mesh network that can auto adjust for coverage areas & signal strength.
      4. frown Wireless uplinks can mean halved WiFi throughput. This is device dependant. Wired links back to the router are preferable.



  2. Be able to turn off his PC and iphone Wifi whenever I want



    1. cool I believe a more nuanced option is better. See Questions & options section below.
    2. foot-in-mouth This is a very binary option, e.g. no WiFi also means no music streaming to get creative juices flowing or listen to study play lists.
    3. innocent Switching off WiFi generally means doing so on the device itself.
    4. innocent I believe you mean to restrict his internet access instead?


  3. Do the above the most cost effectively (in no specific order)



    1. You already bought the TL-WPA4220 Kit. Set up a dedicated WiFi SSID for him and do MAC filtering on your home router / DHCP server / WiFi AP to ban his devices.
    2. For iOS devices, you can set up family sharing & then configure screen time. As a "child" your son will not be able to hit the ignore button and continue using the app.
    3. Buy software that is iOS, OSX & PC compatible, install it on each device & configure as required. Hammerer mentioned several options above in reply #2115231 & Google is your friend.
    4. Implement restrictions at the DNS level. Your home router will always be limited. See reply #2115231 from Hammerer or consider the OpenDNS solution. I previously (before Cisco bought them) used their free solution to great effect.



Questions & options



  1. Existing setup + App - does anyone know of an app I can use with the Huawei HG659b?



    1. Sorry, I don't know.


  2. Google Wifi ...



    1. Not VLAN capable & can't be used as router to prevent next question #3.
    2. Only one defeats the purpose of a mesh network. If the current router struggles with WiFi signal into your sons room, any other single device most likely will also struggle. In otherwords, you most likely will want to continue using the TL-WPA4220.
    3. A second unit is most likely better than using the TL-WPA4220.
    4. The 2nd device does not need to be directly next to the PC. You want to space it so that it still gets a good signal from the primary device and your sons PC. If the 2nd device is too far from the 1st device, then the uplink is broken, Having an excellent signal on the PC then is of no use.


  3. Could James just unplug the Google WiFi whenever he wants and just access existing router? And, if so, would I be able to get notification or see later that he has done this?



    1. Yes, he could. He could also do the same with the TL-WPA4220 device. But why would he? Wouldn't that just increase his ping response times? Which brings us back to  'Why use WiFi'.
    2. I have not worked with Google WiFi devices, I don't know their reporting capabilities. Ubiquiti devices report when they went offline. The logs would only tell you when. Not the how, nor the who, nor the why.


  4. Orbi – this would replace existing router so no ‘unplug Google Wifi’ issue (if that is an issue). Would he get same speed if 2nd Orbi beside his PC and no TP-Link? (ie. would return TP-Link for a refund so as to offset overall cost).



    1. No 'unplug Google WiFi' issue = correct
    2. Google and Orbi provide turnkey solutions with a mesh network. Their multiple devices make the TL-WPA4220 redundant
    3. Depending on wireless uplinks, same speeds could be achieved.


  5. I see there are other Orbi’s but more expensive



    1. Sorry, I don't know


  6. Any other thoughts?



    1. Manage the endpoint: Install software on all devices that give centralised & overall control / reporting. Possible benefits here are 'per app restrictions', 'device restrictions' regardless of location i.e. home wifi, cellular, friends fibre
    2. Manage the egress point: Implement restrictions at the DNS level. See reply #2115231 from Hammerer or consider the OpenDNS solution. By default, DNS restrictions apply to the complete internet connection, i.e. the whole family, not just one device.
    3. Consider a Fritzbox



      1. Can be access from anywhere using MyFRITZ! As per the manual (§13, pg 70). Note: Not recommended by other GZ users. Dynamic DNS (dyndns) alternative available.
      2. Specify your own DNS servers, e.g. OpenDNS or equivalent
      3. Specify WiFi schedule for on/off
      4. VLAN capable & can be used as a router
      5. Can specify speed / QoS per device
      6. Can block internet access for devices, regardless of wired / wireless connection
      7. Good WiFi coverage


    4. Self discipline



      1. Make studying a priority. Note that this is a mental shift in your sons mind.



        1. Why is passing this exam so important? Why is the previous answer so important / relevant? (Why..., why..., why ...) Try and find the ultimate driver to pass this exam
        2. If necessary, re-frame that ultimate driver to a positive goal.
        3. Get-It-Done guy: How to recruit your subconscious mind.
        4. Get-It-Done guy: Start a huge project in 4 simple steps.
        5. Get-It-Done guy: The art of monotasking vs multitasking
        6. Get-It-Done guy: How to Meet Commitments Using 'Urgency' and 'Importance'.
        7. Get-It-Done guy: Want to Change Someone's Mind? Lead with Emotion.
        8. Get-It-Done guy: How to Make Great Progress Using Accountability.
        9. Get-It-Done guy: How to Succeed by Trying to Fail.
        10. Get-It-Done guy: How to Plan Properly with Deadlines and Milestones.
        11. Get-It-Done guy: 5 Principles for Setting Good Goals.
        12. Get-It-Done guy: How to Avoid 'Yak Shaving' When Solving a Problem.
        13. Get-It-Done guy: How to Agree on Deliverables Quickly and Clearly.
        14. Get-It-Done guy: The Top 8 Must-Know Principles of Productivity.
        15. Get-It-Done guy: How to Be Deliberate with Your Distractions.


      2. Set a timer and stick to it
      3. Set the timer device out of reach so that the current activity must be interrupted to stop the timer beeping





Please keep this GZ community vibrant by contributing in a constructive & respectful manner.

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Uber Geek

Lifetime subscriber

  # 2115269 28-Oct-2018 05:07
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lcl's rather comprehensive summary of the options and issues shows just how complex this can be. For comparison, I took a simpler approach. Rather than looking at all the possible solutions, I reduced the number of issues and aimed to simplify the logic as much as possible.


I recommend ISP-based parental controls because they are easy to implement, catch every device because they are at the Internet connection, don't require resources on your local network, and have further advantages over other solutions such as third-party DNS like OpenDNS.


  • The Wifi access issue is, based on the info provided, really an Internet access issue. So I'd avoid adding a WiFi-based solution when there will still need to be a non-Wifi-based solution.
  • Try to manage access at one point, i.e. have one control panel.
  • Try to avoid loading the router. Consumer routers tend to slow down when loaded with other functions like parental control.
  • Try to avoid changes for every device. Installing software on each device requires that you have control of the device. It will be better to have solution that will cover every new device that gets access to the network. Also, security software will often impair the device performance particularly for a gaming computer - that's why a lot of security software has a bypass option to prevent interference with games and other resource-intensive software.


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Ultimate Geek

  # 2115275 28-Oct-2018 06:57
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I was on the same boat using the same router. I opted for the cheapest option which is to set a schedule for all the devices that my son uses and configured it on the existing router. I understand you have your reason to do it on demand but for me it creates friction between me and my boy. So decided to sit with him and explain why I have added the schedule. For instance no internet from 12-1pm This forces him to eat lunch. Same for dinner time. Then no internet from 9pm till 6am the following day. There was an adjustment period until his game buddies get to know his schedule and went online around the same time as him.

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Uber Geek


  # 2115358 28-Oct-2018 12:11
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Get a second router. Have both routers positioned in a shared space within the house where parents can physically supervise them.


Have router1 broadcast wifi ssid1 and password1. Add a second ssid2 with a different password2 broadcasting. 


Connect the mini powerline adapter to router1 
Program the extension powerline unit to broadcast ssid1




To cut off James' internet


Unplug router1 from the ONT or DSL outlet and power it down


Plug in and power up router2 to the ONT or DSL outlet


Router2 continues to broadcast ssid2 allowing parents to connect, but isnt physically connected to the tp-link powerline extender. 




Adding remote functionality


Take the router power supplies to work with you

Ray Taylor
Taylor Broadband (rural hawkes bay)

There is no place like localhost
For my general guide to extending your wireless network Click Here

3408 posts

Uber Geek


  # 2115360 28-Oct-2018 12:17
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As a network operator, i consider that onboard software solutions would be too easy to bypass. For example, he would just need to dual boot and be able to get back online.  




Another way would be to find a router that allows you to put in time based firewall rules. Add a bunch of dhcp reservations for James' devices, and a time based firewall rule to drop traffic to those devices at certain times of the day. 


This is a capability of a mikrotik router but is a little bit of a learning curve to get going. 


Remember to make a DHCP reservation for both the wifi and lan interface for devices such as the playstation which has both options for connecting. 


I think you may be able to block the traffic based on mac address too but i would consider that IP range blocking is probably enough for most teenagers. 

Ray Taylor
Taylor Broadband (rural hawkes bay)

There is no place like localhost
For my general guide to extending your wireless network Click Here

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Ultimate Geek

  # 2115386 28-Oct-2018 14:21
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Personally feel that you should be talking to him about the exam and why they are important, and why gaming now not a good thing, then let him fail as a life lesson if he choose to play games - I have seen so many people fail in the first year of uni/work due to not learning to time manage them self and this will cost him $$$ in course fee etc. he 16 and need to start learning to do thing for himself.

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  # 2115433 28-Oct-2018 15:40
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Thanks for the above comments.  Am running out of time today to buy a new router (assuming that may be the idea . . . thinking the Orbi would replace the TPLink Powerline which I could return for a refund - so reducing my net cost). 




Current 'blunt' and unsophisticated option, but agreed with son.


1.  Tomorrow, take all mice to work.  That way he can't play fornite until I get home


2. However, still the problem of Youtube.  So, following a couple of suggestions above, went to our ISP, Spark, and downloaded Spark Net Shield, and set up youtube as a blocked site.




Following this, I now cant access it on my PC or iPhone (using Safari), and he cant either on PC or phone - if he tries to access it via Safari or Chrome.  However, by clicking on the Youtube app on phone - which is way he usually accesses it - he still could.  How can this be? - he wasn't using data (he had that turned off), was phone showed him using wireless to connect.


Any idea on this? 


Am also thinking that likely crude 'work-around' is to delete the youtube app, and he wont be able to download it I also turn internet off during the day.


BTW, he is not 'hell-bent' on beating the system but has asked me for help re this.  Its a bit like leaving a heavy smoker at home who wants to cut back, but leaving packets of cigarettes lying around where he is situated, ie. the temptation can end up being too great.

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Ultimate Geek

  # 2115446 28-Oct-2018 16:15
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As someone else mentioned, if you both have iPhones, go to "Screen Time" in the iPhone settings, then set up "Screen Time for Family". I just set a limit for myself, but it allowed me to override it. I assume the family option won't allow the child to override the block. 

Also, if you don't want to block youtube etc. for the whole network, the app I previously mentioned will allow you to block certain websites for a set period. Just checked, even if the app is deleted, the selected websites remain blocked until the time is up. The app is called "Blocked Websites". Costs a few dollars from memory.

Is it an option for him to study away from home? He could go to a local library or somewhere similar. I've been trying to retrain myself all semester to be more productive working from home. Even with similar restrictions in place to ones you're proposing, I will still find something unproductive to do instead of study. I get much more done when I go into uni to study.

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Master Geek
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  # 2115453 28-Oct-2018 16:57
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Limiting connection at the router level would be the most hardest to circumnavigate I'd imagine.


I use a Fritz!Box 7490, going through the settings you can outright block access for certain devices connected to the network, set up a schedule of allowed hours, and also block 'Applications' based port/ports I presume (i.e. for Fortnite). I think you can also block new devices from connecting to the network, in case he managed to change the mac and ip address.

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  # 2115454 28-Oct-2018 17:04
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Hi Sam, I 100% know what you mean.  Despite our 'intelligence', 99% of us are still easily our own worst enemy. And with study, unless you love it, there will always be many things that are more fun and important, especially where there are distractions around like there are at home.  Like .... tidying kitchen cupboard . . . . sending an email to a long distance friend . . . reading the latest news from Australia/UK/US etc etc etc  

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