Sorry to be boring with another post but I have installed ASUS WL-138gE cards and got varying results. Four machines connected to the WAG160N (wide-band setting) with good power but one was hopeless. However, the 138 worked well in another machine so it wasn't crook. A CWP-854 worked in the 'problem' machine, though. So, walked away with all machines hooked up and working.

But a couple of hours later I had to go back because the machines in the back office had lost connection. WTF??!!! Reverted back to the WAG200G and got them back online, albeit with a weaker signal strength.

I think the basic problem was that the 138s weren't being picked up reliably by the WAG160N but I am guessing, here.

However, my biggest frustration is not knowing why the connections deteriorated over a couple of hours. I just can't think of a mechanism that would account for this perverse behaviour. Power cycling the router didn't help, either.

Don't know how relevant this is, but there is s strong signal coming from the room next door to the room in question. Pity we don't know the key for it as it would work fine!!

Anyone with any ideas, especially regarding the performance drop-off over time?

PS As a side issue, Vista seems much better at handling wireless than XP.