So I have a UniFi AC AP which most of the time works perfectly.




Twice now I have had issues where when the switch it's plugged into, basically goes crazy and there is massive packet loss to anything plugged into the same switch. 


The first time I ended up doing quite a lot of troubleshooting over a weekend including replacing the switch which didn't help,before realizing it was the UniFi, unplugged it, network went back to normal, plugged it in, went crazy.


I went to work as ran out of time to troubleshoot and got home and it was working fine.


Got back from Holiday yesterday and same thing, network was unresponsive (though wireless was working fine!). Umplugged WAP and Network Fine. Factory reset and firmware updated, and seems fine now, but I am concerned this will happen again.


Anyone with UBNT experience noticed or seen this before?