Still a bit confused as to exactly what applications at the edge need 10G, I honestly think we will still be using 1G with no real need for more in 20yrs time, these comments dont reflect what happens in aggregation and the data centre/server room, clearly 10,40,100G or more is required to keep all those 1G end points pumped up.



The basic problem with 1 gigabit Ethernet is that hard drives have now got faster than that speed.  So when you are copying video files between machines with modern hard drives (or SSDs), you need a faster network.  10 gigabit switches are not too far out of the consumer price range now.  I am looking at this:




and wondering if it might not be time to try 10 GiB.



Hi, but your usage is not the norm, most folk dont drag muti Gigabyte files around their houses all the time, they stream in <25Mb/s dribbles.


Clearly if your use model involved editing raw video material, or possibly have a purchant for viewing low compressed video, then you have a use case that possibly needs 10G, but for most of us, highly unlikely.