I've got a thread in my signature. I personally use UniFi access points here and they're excellent. I would never mix and match access points however so my second point:


If you're running multiple access points for coverage then consider also the AmpliFi Instant as another solution (Here) as it is easy to set up and manage (and looks good). If you've got multiple devices connected via Ethernet also then you'll need a Gigabit switch (these are only ~$30ish).


If you're going to be using Ubiquiti access points I would recommend replacing the HG659 with something a little beefier too and this is why I recommended the AmpliFi Instant as an option to just get things working (and well).



Hi Michael. Yes I have read your articles, thank you for sharing your knowledge, it is much appreciated. I have a MikroTik 750Gr3, and just ordered a Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC LITE from PBtech, they had one in stock locally and I can collect it now we are in Level3.



I'm in a very large concrete building, the AP's don't really overlap since we have one in the living room at one end of the building and other AP in my workshop at the opposite end. The main problem has been the connection dropping from the HG659B. I've been monitoring the signal. Ping times go up just before the connection drops off, seems to happen fairly regularly and this is with the MikroTik doing the routing/DHCP. I moved the WRT54G from the workshop into the lounge, my Linux laptop was fine but my wife's Mac dropped the connection worse than HG659B and often wouldn't see the link or reconnect.



I take your point on mix and matching APs, if the zones overlapped I would be more concerned, we have only had one or the other on while I've been trying to sort out the issues and the problem is the same as having both on. The main PC in the workshop is wired so I'll continue to use the WRT54G in the workshop for now and look at upgrading that later.



Thanks again for your replies and help, it has help keep me sane over this time!