I can find no reference to range for the flex-hd however the outdoor claims 183m which will be best case but your requirement fits well within this. The outdoor is an older device and I didn’t realise it’s end of life so I’d go with the flex.


In terms of wiring, assuming your router does not support PoE (almost certain), you would need a cable from the router to the injector (which needs to be plugged into a power outlet) and then another cable from the injector to the flex-hd.  Both units claim serious weather resistance so I’d mount it on the side of the house with clear line of sight to your outdoor area (no leafy trees, shrubs, garden sheds, etc.)



Cheers mate. I am pretty sure my router (Asus RT AC88U) doesnt support it. Besides, I have a VOIP deskphone (you know? those old things that are on desks - LOL) which requires POE and that has an adapter - pity it is not a double adapter with room for my new AP that I will be buying as soon as I get the cash.




Thanks for your advice. Over to me now I guess.