Hi everyone. First of all, I'm a complete newbie where bluetooth is concerned. I used to think it was something derived of eating too many blueberries.

However... I got a hold of an Ipaq 1945, and at first I was happy connecting it via the USB cable to my pc, doing syncs, installing apps,games, etc.

This Ipaq came with a USB dongle, so I wanted to give it a try. I installed the software, plugged it in, obviously it didn't work... So I surfed around looking and found the driver reinstalling workaround, and managed to get the widcomm drivers installed.

I did manage to:

- Have the Ipaq detect my PC and it's services, and viceversa
- Have the Ipaq surf the shared dir of my PC and viceversa

What doesn't:

- Network Access Connects. But afterwards, I don't know what exactly that does, nor what I can do with it, nor how I can check if something's REALLY going on with that...

- Internet access through my PC... This is what's most important to me. This DOESN'T work. I looked for the guides, and followed them, and everything goes well up to the point where it's supposed to connect.. it does make a first connection, but then it will just stay at the balloon that shows:

Connecting to: BT Network Access
Using: Bluetooth Null Modem

Dialing: Connect...

And it just stays there till I cancel....

I've also checked the things to check guide, but I can't find anthing wrong...

- I don't have the firewall on (Using XP SP2)
- I enabled ICS on my main LAN connection and set the home network to Bluetooth Network
- I place on the tcp/ip properties of the Bluetooth Connection...

So what am I doing wrong or not doing??

Thanks for your help!!