Thank you all for all of the advice, really appreciated.
I already had the satellite broadband installed before asking for advice so I am stuck with that for 2 years. I must say it is fantastic after rural dialup, but the latency means it does have its limitations. It seems that the wireless link is the way to go between the houses rather than fibre. Stringing the fibre along the fences would not work in this case, too many gates and not a direct path, so it would have to be trenched, but that is not an issue in a rural setting. There is always some neighbour with the gear to cope with anything. When the 2 year contract is up with the satellite I will be revisiting the option of a Mobile connection. Who knows, there may be other options by then as well. I appreciate the latency is going to be a bugbear over Skype, but I will be able to remove a $50/month line rental to Telecom plus almost every call through them is a toll call as the rural boundaries are so limited.
Once again, thanks.