zigibogido: it's going through a phone/adsl filter, although there's no phone plugged into it

Now that its working you should take out that filter, its only function is to block ADSL signals from its phone input so theres no reason for it to be on an ADSL modem. Take the cable from a phone that has the right plug if you need to, but try to avoid unecessary adapters and connections on the modem.

Slingshot: Sorry what do you mean by the internet indicator?

please note: G.DMT is forcing your modem to ADSL1 rates (maximum speeds of 8 Mbit/s) so your speeds will be a lot lower, but it is good for troubleshooting DSL faults

He meant PPP was down.... Slingshot guys must know that! Of course its normally caused by wrong PPP option, VPI/VCI, username or password. Interesting that the Linksys didn't do the right ADSL sync automatically. There must be some incompatibility with Telecom (ie Chorus) there.