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Wannabe Geek

  # 889310 3-Sep-2013 22:29
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Hi Bill Gates

Have you any other Hikvision cameras? What prices are they? I find them pretty good.

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Master Geek

  # 898495 19-Sep-2013 14:15
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jackk: Hi guys,

Need some help here. I got Dahua HFW2100 hooked up to a Synology DS-213J. I have setup motion detection within Surveillance Station using the default settings of Detection Sensitivity=90 and Threshold=10, and I found it to be too sensitive. Any changes to sun light and rain will trigger the motion detection at the moment.

Can someone explain the difference between the 2 values for me please? The definition from synology is kinda confusing, for me anyway:

Detection sensitivity: The sensitivity of motion detection. If you set a smaller value, motion detection will be less sensitive and will only be triggered when the calculated difference between a series of frames is larger than the specified value.
Threshold: The threshold of motion detection. If you set a larger threshold, motion detection will be triggered when there is larger motion, or when the calculated difference between a series of frames exceeds the specified threshold.


Only guessing here, I've never seen the software and never played with camera motion detection... but I'd say.

Threshold - is the amount of difference between a series of frames required to be classed as movement, this is the trigger for the sensitivity portion. (Bigger number is less sensitive)
Sensitivity - is the amount of movement (defined above) required to trigger the recording. (Bigger number is more sensitive)

So.  Threshold triggers motion detection, then Sensitivity (of the motion detection) decides whether there is enough motion to trigger a recording.

A stab at some scenarios based on imaginary medium settings:
- A bird flying past wouldn't meet the threshold, so no motion detection is done, the bird is flat out ignored.
- A cat meets the threshold, and so motion detection begins. The cat doesn't produce enough change in images, so nothing is recorded.
- A person meets the threshold, and so motion detection begins. Significant movement is detected, and a recording begins.
- A cat meets the threshold, and so motion detection begins. The cat doesn't produce enough change in images, but the person that scared it does and a recording begins.
- Several cats meet the threshold, and so motion detection begins. The cat orgy on your lawn is significant movement, and a recording begins. 

And with a high threshold and a high sensitivity it might be possible to achieve the following.
- A cat playing on the lawn doesn't meet the threshold, so no motion detection is done, the cat is flat out ignored.
- A person meets the threshold, and so motion detection begins. The person is gone, but the cat playing on the lawn is considered movement and so a recording begins.

... I think.

Make sense Andrew. Cheers for that!!


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Uber Geek


  # 908024 4-Oct-2013 17:39
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Hey guys - I am in the market for an external IP camera for my front door. Have read this thread and others and can see the general consensus is to go for one of these Dahua 2MP cameras (I have PM'd BillGates asking for his prices). I have 240V running to the spot I want to mount the camera (had an old PIR sensor there switching some entry lights on/off) but no network.

Therefore I need a wireless bridge and came across the Vonets VAP11G. This looks like the ideal sort of thing to turn the wired Dahua IP cameras into a wireless camera.

Anyone used one of these dongles before? Any feedback good/bad?

I was thinking I could hardwire a 12VDC adapter to the 240V feed and use this to power both the camera and the bridge.

Sound like a plan?!

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Uber Geek


  # 910156 8-Oct-2013 21:55
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Ok - so what do you guys suggest I do if I can't get LAN to my camera location? The only option I can think of is wireless - but I am guessing you all think that is pointless with these decent HD cameras (like the Dahua HFW2100)?

Open to suggestions!

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Ultimate Geek

  # 910159 8-Oct-2013 22:10
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I had a similar rig setup temporarily but in reverse.. so to speak.

IPC-HFW2100 connected to a PoE Switch. PoE Switch up to a WiFi Router.

Camera -> PoE Switch -> WiFi Router -> WiFi Repeater -> BlueIris Laptop (using WiFi)

Then I had the Laptop running BlueIris connected to a separate wireless router running DD-WRT, working as a wireless repeater to talk back to the main Wireless router and down to the PoE Switch & Camera.

It was temporary so I was fine with it but it certainly wasn't ideal in that particular configuration. There was a lot of wireless congestion, even at 15FPS, 1.3MP & 4Mbps. I noticed that the video would drop frames so it wasn't a smooth 15FPS at all.

That's in part because it was repeating (and only wireless G)so straight away I lost half of the bandwidth (1/2 for Send + 1/2 for Receive) from that wireless AP.

I'd say a single camera would work ok off a wireless AP (with a PoE injector), even better if you can put the camera & CCTV software/server on a separate subnet from your main wireless. I had mine all on the one subnet as well, it was in place for about 6 weeks so wasn't worth the hassle :)

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Uber Geek


  # 910161 8-Oct-2013 22:13
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Cheers SilentOne - any experience with one of these Vonets VAP11G wifi bridges? They seem ideal for what I want, i.e. small form factor with a 12V DC power (which I can share with the camera), but I fear they might be a bit hopeless when it actually comes to the wifi bit...

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Ultimate Geek

  # 910164 8-Oct-2013 22:22
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Nope sorry, have tried a Netgear WN3000RP one that plugs into the wall at a mates place.
We used that to replace a LinkSys WRT54G router with DD-WRT on it. (Same one I then used temporarily as above) - the Linksys was a lot better than the Netgear though.

If you're after something simple, check, they have some good comparisons of extenders and what to expect from them.

If you're after a slightly nerdier version with a bit more punch then you could always try and pickup today's equivalent of the Linksys WRT54G although I'm not sure what that is today. Although even one of the old 54Gs would work well I'd imagine.

Anything that can run DD-WRT or Tomato, or Gargoyle aftermarket firmware should be able to convert to a wireless repeater. Just remember you void warranties and run the risk of bricking it if you don't follow their guide to the letter (especially the 30-30-30 rule)

All completely based on my own limited experiences of course!

Hope it helps


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Uber Geek


  # 910166 8-Oct-2013 22:27
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Thanks for replying mate - yeah I already have a Linksys WRT54GL running DD-WRT as a wireless AP in the office right next to the front door where I want this camera. And my main router is a Netgear WNDR3700 running DD-WRT also, so I am not afraid of getting my hands dirty!

But the camera is going to sit above my front door under an eave, so I don't really want to have a full blown router sitting up under there as well. Hence the Vonets - just came across that after some googling. There should be a pretty good signal there, since the WRT54GL is so close, but I am dubious as to whether the Vonets will be up to it.

I will check out though - thanks for the tip.

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Uber Geek


  # 926926 4-Nov-2013 11:55
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Any idea where I can get my hands on the latest version of the Dahua HFW2100 firmware? In particular an english version!

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Uber Geek


  # 926954 4-Nov-2013 12:58
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Found it!


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  # 938672 21-Nov-2013 21:36
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So a while back I sprung for a couple of these cameras off the net, for experimental purposes.  Got them set up in a basic sense, changed the password prior to attempting to make them public so we could access them while on holiday.  I ran out of time so didn't manage that, went on holiday and on returning realised I had forgotten the password.  I've spent the last couple of months, off and on, trying to remember and trying all the likely combinations with no luck.
I looked up password resetting and round links that suggested the only way was to open up the camera and remove the battery (which is soldered on).
I tried that the other day and still no joy (this is assuming the password resets to admin/admin or admin/blank, both of which I've tried.
Does anyone know what I'm missing here?
Specific camera model is the IPC-HFW2100P.

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Ultimate Geek

  # 938686 21-Nov-2013 21:52
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Hiya No4 - Just sent you a PM with a method that should hopefully work.


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  # 939960 24-Nov-2013 19:03
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That did the trick.  Now I just have to figure out how to drive it :)

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Master Geek

  # 1018163 3-Apr-2014 23:14
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Hi with respect to the POE Dahua NVR is it correct that the poe ports are routed ports per the references I've seen on the internet for dahua-nvrP series? The implication if its routed is port forwarding problems when accessing the nvr through a router to the internet.

Grateful to clear that up.

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Master Geek

  # 1018799 4-Apr-2014 21:16
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Hi Guys can you please help me. I've read a lot of the above and other forums on the internet, so I come having done some reading.



My criteria is as follows:



- 4 or 8 cameras


- monitoring day and night.


- 1080p or higher resolution, hopefully to have sharp pictures to zoom in on shared driveway number plates


- motion detection and push notification


-remote monitoring on smartphone


-HDMI, and BNC outputs as there's coax where the NVR will be back to the TV's


- cables (ethernet and coax) are run in soffets so was thinking dome POE vandal proof cameras


- medium system with good balance of cost/ value and product.


-coastal about 300m from the sea





I am thinking this is leading me to Dahua/ Hikvision? Would you agree. I see the costs of Geovision, Axis cameras etc and can't justify the costs of $500-700 per camera.



I have the following questions.



1. If i use the POE on an NVR does that stop port forwarding working through an NVR connecting to a Router to the internet, so I can remote monitor? I read somewhere Dahua POE interfaces are routed which into a router would stuff up port forwarding? This may not be true.


2. Do I look for a POE NVR or implement the POE switch?


3.If POE switch is 100Mb ports, is this more than enough for the NVR port that would receive all the camera feeds assuming at 2-3Mbps yes, and then the uplink should be GigE correct? Also then all video traffic would be isolated and not affect the rest of my routed network with internet, remote control home theatre etc.


3. Is this is reasonable NVR


4. I am reading it stops connectivity functionality issues if the NVR = the cameras.


5. Are dahua cameras good cameras, I'd want 2mp or 3mp cameras, low lux, domes.


6. Hikvision look pretty good as well but I'm weary of the connectivity, interoperability.


7. Do domes cameras reflect light and IR at night affecting the picture?


8. With Dahua will I have false motion detection on sunlight, like my cheap little foscam temporary survailance. How good is the MD for Dahua NVR/ Cameras re false alarms.


9.Am i better off paying for the POE on the NVR or running a separate switch? I have ethernet in parts of the house other than soffets, that i could sit a camera on a sill if it was POE.


10. I have researched and seen the software for Dahua, the GMSS or whatever it is, it looks very good and would suit my needs on android. Also saw utube on NVR UI for the Dahua and it looked quite good from what I could see.


11. 3~9mm varifocal motorized lens (3202), does this mean the camera re focused as you zoom?



I've setup a cheap foscam network with android app for cameras, and alarms and so can digest this sort of information, but never done a proper survailence before.



thanks alot guys.




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