So I've had the Tado for a few days now. While I like the concept the product seems very half-baked.

I have numerous issues. So far the ones I can remember are:



  1. It seems to set the air direction (both vertical and horizontal) randomly, often it is just pushing the air down the wall. I'd like it to be pushing it out into the room. There seems to be no manual control of this feature for me.
  2. The presence detection seems flaky. For instance today it didn't detect my wife was home all day even though the app is installed on her iPad and configured correctly. The wife acceptance factor has gone down, she had a cold day. I've also not had it detect that I'm home for a good 15 minutes, so much for it warming the place up as I travel home.
  3. It seems like it sets things hotter than I request. For instance if I request 21 degrees the temperature often ends up at 24/25 degrees. (obviously since it is winter here at the moment I am setting it to heat not cool)
  4. The website has many bugs, I couldn't set my schedules on it. I had to use the app instead.
  5. The presence diagram on the app doesn't always show the names of the devices. I also seem to now have some rogue devices appearing on it occasionally (I had installed it on many devices and removed it since - properly, removing the devices from my account as well)
  6. It just isn't very smart, I'd like to make more complicated rules based on who is home, what the outside weather is, what time of year it is etc...


The first three are going to major issues for me. If they don't get resolved, I'll probably go back to the normal remote control, unless the Sensibo arrives soon.