Scotdownunder: As a Spark customer with an existing wired system, I would like to see an interface box which converts existing motion sensors and fire detectors to the new system. The new wireless sensors and video would be used to improve the systems coverage and enable me to drop the existing copper based signalling which Spark wants to move fibre customers off.

Good luck making something compatible with the 50 different protocols and systems out there.

this can be done now easily. there is only one main protocol being used for home security monitoring - ContactID

there is alarm monitoring protocols (like Contact ID) to IP converter available to enable you to either self monitor or send to a company.

being in the industry the MorePork system seems overpriced, as most of your existing home alarms (less than 10y olds) can dial your cellphone using analogue lines or then monitor via email with IP converter. systems like the DSC, Paradox, Bosch and some others are all capable of calling a cell phone.
and they all have compatible IP monitoring module or use third party.

you can also easily setup IP cameras to go through to your mobile and these can email pics/video on motion or when alarm is activated using your existing internet with no 3g/4g controller, and this means you can be with any ISP.

Im spark customer but would't sign up to this, mainly as I have cameras with remote access and alarm monitored over Fibre that I also get notifications from.

Hi All, 

Thanks for the feedback!

Morepork are looking to be no hassle, easy to setup and in the case of our launch offering it's completely self-install for people who have not been exposed to this type of thing before. Also we aren't strictly a security system either, we just launched with a security focus to begin with, we will expand into other smart home areas quickly and it will be a fully integrated and easy experience. 

Integrating with existing systems are something that we are not closed off to but so far we haven't seen anything that would not only work with what is broadly out in the NZ market but integrate well enough to our platform to provide the type of support and experience we want to deliver. 

Our platform already uses protocols like ContactID for sending alarm events to our monitoring centre, but these come from the cloud not the panel itself. Because Morepork runs over the mobile network and the sensors are self installable, our system is relocatable. People can take it with them when they move and it is great for renters.