I honestly cannot think of any way to better sum this up in the title. It has to be explained.


I have two Android boxes next to the TV. One is a Shield which is now used for all streaming. The other is a MeCool combo device, with DVB-T and DVB-S as well as Internet via Ethernet or wi-fi.


The MeCool is no longer used for anything, as we stream everything with the Shield. However, I have run into something really weird with Chromecast. 


Both the Shield and the MeCool (which is largely a Shield clone) have Chromecast built in. However, I cannot cast to the MeCool, which is not a supported device. Even so, it shows up on the list of devices when I click on the cast button.  


Here is the weird part: If the MeCool is not on or not connected to my network, and I try to cast a Chrome tab or the desktop, I get a message that no cast devices can be found, even though the Shield is operating normally. I can still cast to the Shield from YouTube, but not from the Chrome browser. 


Yet as soon as the MeCool is on the network, suddenly I can see the Shield from the Chrome browser cast button. The Chrome browser only sees the Shield if the MeCool is on the network, even though the MeCool isn't actually doing anything. So in order to be able to cast tabs and the desktop to the Shield, I have to have the MeCool turned on. This doesn't cause big problems for me but it does perplex me. Can anyone explain why this might be happening?