The TV although cheap, is still better than my old plasma.


Turning off the bells and whistle features has fixed a lot of the display issues - faces/skin tones all normal.  From my reading, a lot of these features are unnecessary in most tv's anyway.


I haven't watched a 4k movie on Google Play again yet to see how it looks - but that's not overly all important.  Especially when big brand 4k tvs were much more expensive or smaller screen sizes  - and it is not like I solely bought this tv for the 4k anyway, it was an added bonus.


Built in Netflix and YouTube is great bonus for me too - although I am still used to doing it from my phone and still have my own Chromecast plugged in too.


I wanted a bigger screen than my 40-inch plasma and my plasma screen was scratch to high heavens by my son - it was not smart.