Gosh this just gets bigger and bigger,


Looking into the HASSIO  it doesn't work with the Lanbon Switches, and I see the concern others have with innocent but unecrypted comms between lanbon master switch and Hong Kong.
The perks of the Lanbon are the lower cost and NZ sDOC and ready integration with google assistant.

Im going to have to download and run HASSIO in virtual box to see what all the fuss is about,  Might be an excuse to make a little NAS/NUC server, to act as both a Plex Media server and HASSIO server, 

To attain a touch panel switches, with Zigbee/zwave functionality behind it, that plays nice with google assistant and HASSIO, what is the go?  I see bunnings has Deta switches, and then I go down this tasmota rabbit hole. I have no intention of deciphering my own scripting or soldering on serial ports for flashing. 

I have a lot more to learn it seems!