So about this time last year I kicked off a little side project to build what I call "Containers as a Service". Essentially what I am doing is building a provider agnostic container tool that builds a global virtual cloud for you, so you install the tool on (for example) an Amazon VM, a Softlayer VM and a Azure VM. It will then create a virtual network across all the clouds and allow you to migrate your workloads from one cloud to another without having to change a single thing.

Why would anyone care or want this?
Say you build a DB server today on AWS (using the tool) and it gets the IP, you then setup a webserver and tell it the DB is at You then want to move it all to Softlayer - well traditionally you would have to do a manual swing migration and change IP configs etc. With this tool - you drag and drop the servers from AWS to Softlayer, and a few moments later your stuff is running in SL with zero changes.

So why am I posting this in the Jobs forum?
Well I am looking for a technical co-founder, I have a long and varied background doing server'y stuff and backend tooling. What I suck at is frontend/pretty stuff.

So I am looking for someone to come onboard to help get the UI and web presence done. With a view to fundraising over the winter.

Salary is $0,000,000 p/a Tax free :)

But to the right fit then equity of upto 40% is there for grabs (I have set aside a 20% options pool - so this is a 50/50 split)

Currently the front end has been hacked together in Angular by me (badly)

I have a full investor deck available should you want to see it.