The School of Engineering and Computer Science at Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand) has two Assistant Lecturer positions presently being advertised at: 


The Assistant Lecturers are new roles to the School and will provide the appointees with an introduction to teaching and research within a structured developmental context. The Assistant Lecturer will undertake tutoring, teaching, and research while studying towards a postgraduate degree (PhD) in a computer science related area. They will also be expected to contribute to the life of the School by helping staff within the School of Engineering and Computer Science understand the interests, aspirations and needs of Pasifika students,  or Māori, so that they can be integrated into learning strategies that improve Pasifika, or Māori, student recruitment, progress and achievement.


 One position is looking for someone with a strong understanding of Pasifika cultures and must have the ability to speak a Pasifika language. The other position is looking for someone who has an awareness of tikanga Māori and, at least, basic te reo Māori.