khull: Charger is a standard 60watt MagSafe

Memory is PC3-8500 DDR3.

Thanks is $45 a fair price for the adapter and $38 reasonable for the 2GB memory upgrade?

I found this:

Is that the same thing?

yes $45 is about right if condition is excellent and genuine. there are 3rd party ones out there that are to be avoided

I get my RAM overseas - you'd find pc3-8500 ones going up in price rather than down these days as the standard is now 10600 seems to be the standard.

As for not getting an installer, the seller is violating the agreement. There is also no such thing as a master license. All Macs sold will have a copy of the OS - either physical or via an installer

Other people I talk to seem to confuse a license means having a unique serial number. Apple software does not work that way.