Malingo: I see the LTE toggle and I'm on voda. Anyone else experiencing intermittent network issues now? I often get the ph stating "no service" and then switching between gsm and 3G. Is it better just to leave LTE toggle off or will that affect my data speeds? Have tried a speedtest with both options and it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Well Vodafone and Telecom only have LTE in veeeeery small areas of maybe one or two cities for testing - I would leave that disabled if I were you.

The option is only available on a Vodafone handset because they're the only network about to launch LTE in NZ. The LTE option will not show on a Telecom handset since their LTE test network hasn't yet been approved by Apple (since it's only a handful of test sites from various vendors).

You won't see any performance difference with LTE on or off since Vodafone haven't launched their LTE yet.

Interesting thought, I have been playing around with speedtest on my Ipad and have found a massive difference with the LTE turned on compared to turned off.

Difference being

LTE off - 2.75MBPS down 0.50 MBPS up

LTE on - 19.67MBPS down 2.71 MBPS up

I had it turned off as I wanted to see if I could extend the life of the battery as I am having to charge it every second day since iOS 6.1 rather than every 3rd day.

I could turn 3G off at home and in the office but wanted to see if LTE made a difference to battery it seemed to.