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  #774869 5-Mar-2013 10:39
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I am having the same thoughts, I love(d) my iphone but I am starting to have S3 envy!

Like mentioned I still have love for my Ipad, but feel I am starting to waver on the Iphone.

Renewal time in May will see if it is an new iphone or a S3 or S4


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  #774873 5-Mar-2013 10:48
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Interesting thread, same sentiment I'm seeing increasingly around the internet and with people I know.

I think the iPad is still a clear front runner in the tablet stakes, and I know a lot of people with an iPad for a tablet and an Android handset as their phone. Like one of the posters above they saw that as a way of still leveraging their app investment in iOS, while giving them the latitude to try out an Android phone. If I wanted a tablet at all (and having owned many I can safely say that I don't), I would probably go this route too.

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  #774882 5-Mar-2013 10:57
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Good input so far.

One of my real burning issues at the moment is that despite my waning desire for my iPhone, I am on a grandfathered plan that gives me an excellent amount of data and other services, so I don't really want to re-sign to get a discount on a handset if/when i take the leap.

I see a 64gb iPhone 5 is around $1399 and a similarly specced Android equivalent may cost me $800-900 incl a 64gb Micro-SD card. It's a big difference and unless the 5S or 6 turns out to be an absolute stonker, I may find myself heading down the iPad and Andriod phone route myself...

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  #774896 5-Mar-2013 11:23
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Windows Phone 8 is another great alternative. Something very different and refreshing from the usual App Grid layout.

Do whatever you want to do man.


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  #774902 5-Mar-2013 11:30
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Perhaps proving that iPhones are just not the hot item they once were, I noted with glee the other day a facebook scam page that was giving away 5000 of a particular high tech device.  It seemed to be getting a huge response (presumably until FB shut it down).

They were not "giving away" iPhones, iPods or iPads, but Samsung Galaxy S4 phones.

A sign of the times, indeed!

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  #774910 5-Mar-2013 11:51
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billgates: Windows Phone 8 is another great alternative. Something very different and refreshing from the usual App Grid layout.

Funny you should say that, the first thing I change on any of my Android phones is to install Launcher7. Its effectively the Windows Phone 7 launcher running on Android.

Very nice UI, pity about the lack of market share and apps on Windows Phone otherwise I would be tempted...

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  #774943 5-Mar-2013 12:57
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I owned a first-gen iPod Touch and it quickly became one of my favourite devices. When Telecom released the 4S back in 2011 I picked one up on launch day, but like many of you was completely unimpressed with iOS 6 (I actually ended up reverting to 5.1.1). I'm hoping that 7 will be a good upgrade but I'm sorry to say that I'm not holding my breath.

Before my 4S, I had a Nexus One. It was a good phone, but a bad music player. There was no easy way to synch with iTunes (a third-party app, DoubleTwist, was supposed to help but it insisted on trying to dump my entire 25 GB library onto the 16 GB card). Consecutive songs would have a slight gap between them, making live recordings etc. sound jarring (this is apparently fixed in 4.2). I also didn't like how apps didn't cleanly uninstall. This is on top of random bugs like music playing out the speaker despite having headphones plugged in, or unpausing when I disconnect the headphones.

When the Nexus 4 was introduced I had a quick look at it, only to find that it's limited to a paltry 16 GB with no possible expansion. My music library has only grown since my N1 and I'd be hesitant to buy a device limited to 32 GB, let alone 16. If iOS 7 is any good then my "iPhone 5S" would almost certainly be a 64 GB model (my 4S is 32 GB and I'm frequently having to juggle music, videos, and apps).

I won't say that my 4S is a bad phone. It does what it says on the tin, it plays all my content, supports gapless playback, the TV output works well... but I can't think of a single "must-have" feature that's been added to it since purchase and that's the problem.

  #774949 5-Mar-2013 13:04
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tchart: Funny you should say that, the first thing I change on any of my Android phones is to install Launcher7. Its effectively the Windows Phone 7 launcher running on Android.

+1 for Launcher7. Running it on my work Galaxy SII

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  #774985 5-Mar-2013 14:19
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I think maybe Apple has painted itself into a bit of a corner. The 'Cult of Steve' still hangs over the company, where they don't want to stray too far from the inspired path that Mr Jobs generated. But if the grid of icons is a defining feature of the an iPhone screen then the only way to get the visual impact is with a new external appearance. And lets face it, most smartphone users are always a little bit chuffed when someone admires their phone.

My phones have in the main been HTC Android devices, but I have noticed a subtle change. Where people would used to ask "Is that an iPhone?" (to which I would normally say "No, but I can make it look like one" - hit the app drawer button and bring up the grid of apps), now they ask "Is that a Galaxy S3?" The power of marketing.

The power of the iPhone is still in its apps and its ubiquitousness. Apps - zillions, accessories - millions. But it isn't a phone for Geeks anymore.

Edit: For comparison, have a look at the original iPhone circa 2007 and compare it to the HTC Magic (G1). Then jump forward to 2013 and compare the iPhone 5 to the HTC One (just released). Not only the form factor and size but also the OS appearance.

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  #774986 5-Mar-2013 14:20
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I had a similar issue when last in October last year I migrated from an iPhone 3GS, 4, 4s to an s3.
I felt I had outgrown ios, the first few months were good as the learning curve from moving to android was an interesting one.
6 months later I went out and got an iPhone 5.
The support software for droid I found absolutely awful compared to iTunes (and that's despite not even really being a fan of iTunes). The music players whilst many and varied, required me to spend a few hours using an mp3 tagging programme to get poweramp to accurately categorise and label my music. On top of all this I found I actually had to use the spare battery I had bought for it on a fairly regular basis as I would chew through the battery before the end of a day.
I found it interesting, but the whole ecosystem I felt needed to "gel" together better than what it currently does.
The only thing I miss is the fm radio, the extra screen space wasfairly quickly forgotten.

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  #774989 5-Mar-2013 14:23
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I had an iPhone 4 for two years. In June last year I decided it was time for a change and switched to a Galaxy S3.

My main reason for doing so was that iOS has basically stood still. The feature changes simply haven't kept pace with what Android is doing. I now love the fact that I can have more control over my phone than when I was on iPhone, and love being able to have widgets on my screen.

I love Apple hardware tho. It looks great and in generally of a very high quality. For me the S3 is too big. I think a 4.5" phone is perfect - but I also think the iPhone 5 looks odd. Too tall and skinny.

If the next iPhone had a 4.5" screen (maybe same height but slightly wider), NFC and wireless charging, plus iOS was updated with widgets, abilty to set default apps, and better VoIP options or integration - I would probably move back.

Until then, the Android platform is simply far too advanced compared to iOS.

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  #774995 5-Mar-2013 14:31
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i was in this situation a year or so ago. I sold all my apple products
- iPad
- iPhone 4 (i got the 3g the day it came out, skipped the 3gs)
- Mac minis
- iMac
mbp was the last to go.

i was tired of apple not keeping up with others, the padfone looked like it could be cool, ubuntu running on android looked awesome, windows hybrids. everyone else seemed to be making on device that could do multiple jobs, whereas apple only seem to be interested in selling hardware, if you want an tablet buy an iPad if you want ultrabook buy a mbair, but if you want all in one, you cant, just buy both.

and iOS hasnt really changed since it came out, sure there's new features, but you still cant see the current weather on you screen without opening the app (the tile is static), the only living icon is the calendar.

android and windows just seemed cooler.

I've now got a HTC 8s windows phone 8. for the most part I love it, there are a few things i dont like
- missing apps, the only bank app is ASB, most banks have decent mobile sites, but some dont (ANZ doesnt)
- hard to kill time on, I use to always play "Ticket to Ride" on my iPhone to kill time, but now i get bored playing on my phone
- OS updates, i havent received one yet, not sure how they work, apparently my phone came with the latest OS, but that was a few months ago, would prefer monthly/bi-monthly updates.

things i love
- its cheap, im not worried about it breaking, but its still good quality (my iphone was in a case because i feared breaking it)
- love the OS, the live tiles are awesome, the phone is personalized, i love seeing my pictures scroll
- contact list, love how its tied to facebook, twitter, google etc, so when i click on a contact i can see what they have been up to.

i dont see myself buying another apple product any time soon, windows or android for me for the next 5 years (I always buy what I feel is the best technology at the time, apples time was 5 years ago IMO).


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  #775094 5-Mar-2013 16:39
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Windows phone really appealed to me right up intil the day I bought an iMac.

I now only have one Microsoft product in the house and that is my XBox 360.

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  #775133 5-Mar-2013 17:48
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I'm falling out of love with my iPhone 5 too. I've had every model of iPhone apart from the 3GS (I remember the days of scouring the Geekzone forums for those dual-SIM card things in the pre-unlocking days of the OG iPhone). I also am a heavy Apple user (iMac, MacBook Air, Apple TV, iPad).

I just feel that iOS is so boring these days. iOS 6 added nothing (Passbook doesn't work in NZ yet, Apple Maps are useless compared to Google Maps, in fact Do Not Disturb is the one new feature I actually use).

I'm waiting to see what Samsung have up their sleeves with the S4 and to be honest I'll probably jump ship. I'll miss the iCloud integration but most of it can be replaced via Gmail/Google Apps (incl. Calendars). iTunes Match is great too but I'm sure there are alternatives for Android.

iOS 7 better be magical or Apple might be in a bit of trouble from hardcore users.

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  #775140 5-Mar-2013 18:12
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I've replaced itunes match with googles free equivalent

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