wscalioni: I would like to have a lot of new things on iOS but the main itens would be:

  • Better multi-tasking management: I don't want to double click the home button to acces the in-memory apps. This could be solved adding gestures to avoid the extreme use of the (weak) home button.
  • Password to turn off the phone: Avoid people keep your phone in case you lost it and act quickly. 
  • Better integration between apps: To exchange information between apps should be more smooth for developers allowing the users to have a better set of options on how to exchange data between apps.
I like iOS and still think it is way better than Android **today***, but I strongly disagree with people saying it is ok the way it is. There is always room for improvements and to deny that is to accept the fact that the innovation is not needed, and in this market, if you do not innovate, you die.

Android is now way better than it was 2 years ago, for example. For me, it is not good enough, but someday it could be, if iOS does not get better as well.


Pretty much my thoughts. From what Ive seen on youtube clips, Android offers a more intuitive approach these days, more efficient. Im not bothered by a proprietarty cable, no USB connection, non upgradeable storage and battery. Just give me the basic user friendly features that are now bog standard.