I have an iPad problem - it is very slow sending mail to a private server (port 587 SSL). One test message takes about 4 minutes to start appearing at the mail server, and if several test messages are sent, the messages straggle in over more than an hour.

From a Windows mail client no such delays exist. I have also had a careful look at the mail server logs and there are no delays as such due to the mail server rejecting smtp connections etc.

I tested a gmail account on the iPad, and it takes more than a minute - often 2 minutes - to send a test message to another gmail account. The time for this test using my Windows client is about 6 secs.

Any ideas what or how to test this problem further? Are there tools available to see what packets are flowing? eg something like Wireshark?

Could this be a dns problem? I tested the mail-server ip resolution with Safari and it seems fine on port 443. Also the mail sending delays occur regardless of 3G or wifi connection.

IOS is 7.0.4.