Ok, I am VERY ashamed to admit this... I went to pick up the charger from 'warranty repair' only to be told it's an older model charger than what should have come with my new device! I was shocked and embarrassed to hear it and was trying to figure out how it was possible. Then it dawned on me I took out the phone and started using it on the go, and I guess I never took out the charger (I actually never remember seeing it), and at home I just plugged it in to charge as per normal without thinking anything. Since everything worked fine for a couple of weeks, I was completely oblivious to the fact I was still using my old charger. When I came home with my old charger I had a look in the box and there it was – the tiny new charger. Had I actually taken it out of the box, I would have realised it looks nothing like the previous charger. What a brain fade! Sorry. And now I still have this dysfunctioning charger LOL Oh well.