tdgeek: I tried, and failed as per OP
rMBP late 2013 Yosemite 10.4
iPhone 6 Plus iOS8.4
iPad Air iOS8.4

Connected on the Mac, Option-Wifi shows the connection details, but Internet Unreachable
iPad connects and works well.

Service Order I put wifi at the top of the two BT and the Thunderbolt
AP order I put the hotspot at the top of the two wifi's, the Airport Extreme 2.4 and 5


I had this issue, I had to change the name of my iphone from Richard's Iphone to Richards Iphone.

This was connecting to Windows PC but worth a try.

Interesting, I will try that. That implies that once the network devices are known, that Apple's networking forces or highly prefers what it was, and not what it now is?
I guess you could now do the same "forcing" and change your phone back to the apostrophied version? Essentially resetting the network as the devices are "new"
Cheers for that