joker97: Macs only last for 12 months in you're unlucky, or 3 years if you're lucky. yours is way past a Mac's use-by date!

I must be lucky, 4 years and Macbook Pro is still going strong...not taken into repairs once smile

I guess I am lucky too.  My 2008 MBP is still going OK.  Only got a new rMBP Dec 2014 to "replace" it as some keys were not functioning on the old MBP - hardly its fault though as I spilt coffee (or was it Milo) on it...

And I still have the very 1st gen Intel iMac (circa Feb 2006) going strong running Snow Leopard (I think - anyway the latest/most recent version of OSX that thosae machines could support).  Besides, I've got that one setup with Bootcamp running Windows 7 too, and I can do Microsoft Flight Sim 2004 on it! :P