Fair enough, but even if it's a $100 per month plan (I hope it's less!)
and that adds up to $2400 over 2 years, it's not exactly fair to say
that the phone has cost you $3000 over the two years. I mean it's
true, sure, but you've also had the use of the plan for 2 years. I
mean you're getting a 3G iPhone, you want to use it right? You want to
be able to do all the things it allows you to do and you have to pay
for it. What's the point of getting an iPhone and putting it on my old
Get200 plan

I was trying to make the point that the phone is not going to be as cheap as some people on these boards are hoping. The true
cost of the phone is going to be around $1000. Offering it at a discounted initial price and tying people into expensive plans ( they
wouldnt otherwise sign) is just a clever way of getting people to buy a phone that they would otherwise think was too expensive.
They will still be spending $1k over 24 months to buy the phone.

At the end of the day its just a phone. Don't really say I have a lot of need to surf the internet or or view youtube videos when Im out
and about. I think people like the idea of surfing the web at 3G speeds and the rest of it when they are out and about but I think the
novelty will wear off quickly. I dont find the iPhone so great for surfing web pages. Its still quite time consuming and frustrating to surf the web on
such a small screen. I mostly use mine with rss news feeds on wifi. Occasionally it would be cool to check my emails and perhaps read the
news when Im bored but for me its not worth the $100 per month (not confirmed) contract. Prepay works well for me.