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Master Geek

  #140033 23-Jun-2008 20:25
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JoeBloggs: I've found new users of the IPhone absolutely fall in love with it. However the honeymoon is short-lived and most realise its shortfalls relatively quickly. There are many issues that Apple needs to fix in the 3G version if it's to be taken seriously by anything other than fashion-conscious teenagers; foremost though by no means limited to its outrageous copy-protection. The only method at present to utilise the device properly is to hack (or 'jailbreak') the software which allows for a host of much-needed features that should have been enabled by default.

Um take it from me - I've used mine every day since September 2007 - the honeymoon is NOT short-lived. Probably the best thing I have ever bought, and yeah it lacks certain feature but it is YEARS ahead in its interface than anything else on the market. period.

When a device is so good people can only focus on the small shortcomings that speaks for itself. Take it from me.


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Ultimate Geek

  #140173 24-Jun-2008 14:22
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I'm happy to have found an exception sproyd. I was just posting my impressions thus far. It's interesting that you gravitate to the interface - this would suggest it's the most important feature to you. I'd prefer not to get into all the issues (though I've given the main concerns below), but I've heard them all and believe me, to the average user they're by no means simple "shortcomings". I agree that it's a revolutionary interface and if it were backed up by proper tools, Apple would have a winner. Fingers crossed they've added these features in the 3G version.

To summarise what sproyd has pointed out: If you're a light user who sends messages only occasionally, are happy with a touch interface with NO haptic feedback, likes to listen to their MP3's en masse and are primarily focussed on a pretty interface, then the IPhone is the way to go until the 3G version arrives.

- No removable battery. This means when the battery starts to deteriorate, as all batteries do, only expensive OEM replacements + install is available. I've witnessed several IPhones freeze and the hard reset function is very difficult to perform.

- No HSDPA, not even 3G! So many people use emails and browse the internet from their device now, using GPRS is just not an option anymore (unless you have a LOT of spare time).

- Cannot upgrade the memory. In a world where people like to be able to easily remove their memory cards and process photo's, share MP3's, store information and upgrade capacity (we already have 32gb micro SD cards available), the IPhone offers a paltry 4 or 8gb.

- Any IPhone used in New Zealand is being used outside of the manufacturers specifications. Not covered by any sort of Apple warranty and subject to explode at any time (OK, I made up that last part =). These IPhones have been hacked and cannot be upgraded.

- Cannot forward text messages or emails.

- Cannot send text messages to multiples recipients.

- Bluetooth cannot be used for data transfer, ONLY for a bluetooth headset.

- Can’t download or save Word documents, PDF files, or any other file for that matter.

- The calendar could not be updated or modified via the device, though I believe they fixed this issue on newer IPhones.

- Very few ringtones came equiped on the IPhone, and you couldn't add your own unless you paid Apple for the priviledge. Should you decide to use your own MP3, you'd have to convert the song at a cost of 99c.

- A recessed 3.5m jack meant 99% of aftermarket heatsets out there couldn't be used with the device. Only an adatper of some kind or using the standard (poor quality) included headets are an option.

- NO A2DP! We're talking about a music handset that cannot send stereo-quality audio to a bluetooth headset.

- Abysmal camera quality, compared to a VGA camera with not even a zoom function.

- No speed or voicedial.

- No email attachments except a single image per email allowed.

- No mass storage as in most other mid-range phones avilable.

- Can't change notifications for messages. You're stuck with it, even if you hate it.

- No multimedia messaging (no PXTing).

- No tasks function.

- No Java or Flash inside the default web browser.

Please remember, these are just the MAIN issues I've seen. Some of these can be modified by 'jailbreaking' the software, though this has any number of consequences, least of which means voiding your warranty. This may not be an issue for NZ users as they have already voided the warranty by hacking the software to allow them to use the device here.

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Ultimate Geek


  #140174 24-Jun-2008 14:37
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iPhone certainly has still got a long way to go and many things to be added up. I would wait for the third generation iPhone and see what features are being added up. Certainly even the second generation iPhone lacks some features. Ofcourse, if you are just a regular phone user with attending calls, sending sms and love the Apple touch experience - then iPhone is something for you. But the cost in other countries (except in US) is still considered expensive. Nobody is still aware of the new pricing here in NZ by the Vodafone.

I had to decide on either iPhone or a Windows Mobile and finally after looking into several models, I bought HTC Touch Cruise which is a good alternative to iPhone Smile

But, personal choice and needs do form major role in deciding to go for the new iPhone or wait for the next one Wink


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Master Geek

  #140200 24-Jun-2008 16:08
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Well - with all these contributions we are starting to get there. Recall the original question was about how to make a quality decision about whether or not to buy the new Iphone 3 G. Importantly we are looking for optimal not perfect here. Perfect will see you never pull the trigger and ever disappointed - optimal gets you the right mix in an imperfect world. So its very tough....

I have concluded that:

1. You need to figure what you want to do on the phone that you don't do perfectly happily on something else. Is it a mini laptop? Is it a mini camera ? Is it a mini MP3 player etc.... and if its some of all of these, in what priority and how much.

2. How important is wow. While personal, wow is still or might be important. For me wow is the "not look overly like a dork relative to the rest of me" - so pink is out, fashionnable carries a low premium, but I don't wany major dork - so the Iphone features pretty well.

Then I stack the rest up this way:

- phone first. Skype apart, I don't use my other IT gear as a phone. Also I do want excellent mobile phone processes - so that means, for me

* coverage with quality. I think that's a tick in N.Z. with the network
* a decent address facility. That includes ability to edit it easily. Nokia's "do it at home on the PC" is good, so is any sync with Outlook

- text second. Again, gtalk and skype aside, I text only on my mobile but often enough (especially in high cost phone places like Fiji) that it is important. So strong text capability means:

* decent predictive with add on dictionary. Samsung doesn't cut it here.
* some options, like broadcast SMS, are handy but not a deal breaker. I note Iphone I doesn't have this

Then other stuff - in this order

- read email (is push essential? I don't get push at home so not critical)
- write email

I can do this on the laptop but its a right ritual dragging it out in the airline lounge, scrambling around for the plugs, drama with overseas current bla.... and even my likeable Vista takes so long to power up. My mates Iphone is there in seconds and downloading.

- read attachments. Yes otherwise I am likely to forget and not read, or lose or some such
- write?  Not seriously and trying to will produce poor reports or letters, so I wouldn't wince too much here.

Calendars Tasks Contacts - yes I can add to productivity with good apps here

The big critical thing for me here is sync. Can I sync PC, laptop and mobile easily, accurately, often, logically and without consulting 3 forums? If not... that is a major drawback.

Browse and Web Things

I can use laptop for this but, and increasingly, being able to access the web via mobile is getting handier and handier. Speed, ease of reading and non killer pricing then becomes important. Also I can use the CMS for my website in a browser which is a help for managing that and blogging.

Other stuff

- camera?  Never use one
- MP3 ? Yes for the plane but not a killer and you can't (yet) use blue tooth on many airlines
- video ? Not really and regardless of counter claims, batteries don't "do video" and leave much time for other stuff later

Its a long list. We are asking a lot from one device. We are asking a lot from one decision.... so the logic says

- don't expect to "buy for life"
- treat price accordingly
- accept that there is a lot of "suck it and see" in this

and so I am still listening !!!!

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Ultimate Geek

  #140544 25-Jun-2008 18:44
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Well said chakkaradeep.

Thelonius, based on what you've given me, and since the MAIN feature of the IPhone is it's 'wow' appeal, there are many better devices that will suit your needs for half the expected price. Once again, the fashion-conscious among us (generally teenagers) adore the IPhone simply because of its looks. See the Nokia 6121 among many.

Also remember the IPhone didn't originally support Outlook synchronisation and added the feature later. There are many reported issues.


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Master Geek

  #140570 25-Jun-2008 20:09
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Thanks Joe - you have got me more sceptical and critical - which is a good not a bad thing!!!  I have to hasten to say that "wow" is far from overwhelming for me.... it is incidental. I was really just trying to acknowledge that it is there....

I suspect the next big thing will be to see the actual total pricing in N.Z. including plans and the surrounding drama.... so that's the next piece of info. July 11 no doubt will reveal some if not all.

We have probably got this as far as it can go withput annoying everyone. Grateful thanks to everybody who contributed and provided opinion and data - certainly useful.


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Ultimate Geek

  #141138 29-Jun-2008 00:08
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- don't expect to "buy for life"
- treat price accordingly
- accept that there is a lot of "suck it and see" in this

I think this is good thinking.

I use a BB Curve and am changing to the iphone 2.0 on the 11th, and looking forward to it. Believe me, I have done truck loads of home work on this before making the decision to have a change, you will be fine and enjoy the interface while you're at it.
Don't listen to the cynic's/pessimist's here! You go for it and get the new iphone 3G, lots of people of all ages love it, toms of new apps coming out too.

If you don't like it in three months, sell it.

like you said "don't expect to buy for life"



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