Have you tried logging into iCloud via your browser and see if the contacts are in the cloud but not synchronised?


you haven’t confirmed if you’ve done this yet.

Also this will sound crazy but see what happens if you set the date on your phone back a year.

How confident are you that the contacts you’ve had dropped we’re actually stored in iCloud? What is the default account set to for contacts? Have you checked deleted items on any exchange accounts? Have you checked for the contacts on any of the other accounts?

Is it possible the contacts were stored “on this device” and only making to the other devices from iCloud restores?

I have tried all of these and none of them have been able to find the contacts, also iPhones don’t save contacts to the sim however you can import them from the sim which I have tried
no, they don't save to a sim card but if you create contacts on the phone with no account then the contacts will be stored on the phone itself.


when you add an exchange account you may then be prompted if you want to remove the existing on-device contacts.