I jumped out of the car walked into the house.... and remembered I left my iPod in the car so I head back to my car grab my iTouch and wake it up & my screen is all yellow I was like OK!, so following this I reset it, turned it off, factory restored it and nothing fixed it so I headed to google and search for iPod Touch Yellow screen, and I was blown away with all the forums on the internet that had users with the same problem. I called apple  support and after a 30 minute wait I was ready to barrel someone, as time went by I read some of these forums, and found out the users with the yellow screen problem were given instant replacements. wrapping up the lady on the phone said take it to your nearest apple service centre and I can get a replacement. I was over the moon and still am about this, not only were they easy to deal with but they didn't put up a fight like a retail store would have I am highly impressed.