Slate (with Screen protector on it)
Spare AAAA Batteries for Pen
US Charger
Folio Case
Original Packaging and Documents



Slate has Windows 7 Pro on it, using it's own License Key. It is in amazing condition. It used to suffer that "Cannot Connect" glitch, but wireless seems to be working fine now I installed some extra drivers and disabled IPv6. 

Battery still holds a charge equivalent to brand new.

I have just installed Windows 7 and am currently doing all the updates for you and will put LibreOffice on it. I was using Windows 8:RP and aside from the Wireless it worked amazingly, I would suggest people seriously consider putting Win8 back on it when it releases. To that end, this key will be eligible for the $40US upgrade to Win8 that MS have said all Win7 Professional can get.



I really don't want to loose this, but I am struggling for money to pay the food bill for the rest of my Final Year at uni. It's worth $900 new on Trademe so probably looking for ~$550, however will negotiate.

I welcome questions and CHCH based people seriously interested to come play with it before purchase.

Now on Trademe: