Hi all,
Not really sure where to put this. I have been dong work for a Wireless ISP in the Manawatu/Horowhenua area for the last month or so due to an ownership change. The old owner used to do the installs/faults.
It is a bit too much work just for me to do myself (and I charge them a fair bit) so the new owners are looking to employ someone to do new installs. The work required would be mounting radio's on clients roofs and running a cable to the point in the house they want the router to be. A good set of handy man skills is required as installs need to be tidy. Basic network cabling knowledge would be great but not essential as most of the work is running the cable and fitting off is something that can be taught easily. Networking knowledge is not a requirement as I would still be setting up the radio's and doing the fault finding side of things, however, we would like to get the new installer doing faults in the future.

PM me for details if you are interested and I will pass you on to the employer.

Sam Phillips

PS Not sure where this should go. feel free to move!