Hi guys, I'm starting to reboot my collection of Vinyl records after I discovered Real Groovy over the weekend.

Now, I'm looking for a decent system to play them on. If nobody has a spare system lying around, does anyone know where I can find a decent one. I was considering getting a USB turntable on it's own, one of these http://www.priceme.co.nz/Miscellaneous-USB-Turntable-to-Digital-REC/p-885562969.aspx, but then I thought it would be to cheap and lower quality, and I'd rather stick with the more reliable older stuff.

I'm looking for a cheap system that is reliable. I'd say starting from $40, to probably max I can afford is $80.

Nothing much on Trademe that I can see. There's only a few units there with turntables. I know I won't be able to find anything for my price range, but I'm hoping to find an old rack system with separate units even if it's from the 80s. As long it has a turntable attached.

Like I said before, if nobody has one can they point me to a decent turntable even if it's a USB one?