Folks... After reading some suggestions I have decided some rules need to be put in place for the [Offers and Wanted] forum.

Basically from now on we won't accept [FS] listing that are simply links to Trade Me or other auction sites.

Items offered for sale here should be offered to other Geekzone members first. If you don't get an offer after a period of time (one or two days) then a follow up post with a link to Trade Me is acceptable.

Posting a link to Trade Me in the first post will not be accepted any more and the topic will be removed.

If you are interested in negotiating or offering to buy an item, please post a reply to such effect and conduct the transaction via PM.

If you are not buying do not discuss prices. You are allowed to discuss if a listing has factual errors (such as configuration, or which network a mobile device would work or not) but price is something arranged between two parties, not crowdsourced.

If you have a problem with a listing report the post and a moderator will act accordingly.