stevenz: I have a NZ and a US PSN+ account on my PS3. PSN+ subscription codes are unique to the PSN store the code is destined for, so yes, you can only use a UK PSN+ subscription code with an existing UK PSN account.

If you login to a non-NZ account, you can then download the titles from that PSN store, then log out and back into your NZ account and the titles work just fine, patches will still be applied, game saves are usually (but possibly not always) cross-compatible, and most DLC is also cross-compatible.

My NZ$70 copy of GTA5 from the US PSN store works perfectly when playing with my NZ PSN account logged in.

So, if there is content on the UK store that is not available to NZ, then this may be worthwhile if you can manage to create a UK PSN account to use it with.

This is intriguing I pretty much only care about downloading the free games and playing them on my NZ account. The only problem is this wouldn't work on my Vita. But just to clarify this does work for the instant game collection and not just games you've paid for does it? Also how hard is it to create a UK account? Do I need anything other than a UK address?