Still available for sale:



  1. Microsoft Surface 2 32GB with 2GB ram + keyboard (with extra battery in keyboard). $280
  2. Nintendo DSi XL ($100)
  3. MSI Cubi with these specs. Pentium 3805U with 8GB ram and 256GB Samsung EVO 850 SSD and genuine Windows 10 licence (already installed). $450 
  4. Asus Shell EEE PC. 10.1 inch screen, AMD APU with HDMI out. It can do 1080p videos. Have installed Lubuntu on it. 1GB ram, 250GB HDD. Would be good to be used as a learning PC for a child or as KODI server. $100
  5. Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Windows and Android - can be used as bluetooth keyboards for PCs as well. $30
  6. 2x Netgear P2TV3000. Miracast and WiDi. $30 each.
  7. Dell Studio 15 laptop - can be used to run a basic HTPC. 250GB HDD. I think its 2GB ram. 15 inch screen. Battery life is about 20 minutes. I cant remember the processor. The computer does work as is. There are a few cracks in the body near the hinge. Comes with charger. $70