I am putting this out there for sale as I have tried a few times on Trademe, got lots and lots of watchers, a few offers for individual games, but I want to sell it as a bundle.  And I think the audience of Geekzone may better appreciate this era of gaming.

There are parts in here I haven't seen for sale elsewhere, and there is a lot of stuff.  Copy and paste from my auction:

23 games (2 are scratched and work intermittently, some are double-ups, some have hardly been touched) 
4 x Controllers 
2 x VMU's 
1 x Fishing Controller 
2 x Light guns (not tested) 
1 x Original Keyboard (still in box and never used) 

Please note - as some of this hardware is original, some of the cases have broken hinges (seems to be a common problem) and 2 of the controllers can needing "wiggling" to connect, but once working stay working. Once has one end come apart but it still works.

I have tested ALL the games. These are: 

Sonic Adventure 2 (scratched) 
Crazy Taxi (scratched) 
Metropolis Street Racer (x 2) 
Sega Rally (x 2) 
Sega Bass Fishing 
Soul Calibur (x 2) 
Resident Evil 3 
Skies of Arcadia 
House of the Dead 2 
Trick Style 
Silent Scope 
Deadly Skies 
Toy Commander (x 2) 
Ready to Rumble 2 
Resident Eveil Code Veronica 
F355 Challange 
Sonic Adventure 2

All the above fills a plastic storage box so COULD be shipped but obviously I prefer pickup, I am in Auckland.  Also happy to talk about gaming on Dreamcast's if anyone wants to reminisce.