I've got a machine here with parts carefully chosen and software carefully configured so it will run macOS. I built up multiple as an experiment and am keeping one - which I have been using as my main home machine for over a year and it has been rock solid.


- Intel i5-3470 3.2ghz quad core (can upgrade to i7-3770 if more power needed)


- 8gb DDR3 (2x4gb sticks, 2 slots spare, mobo max of 32gb)


- 500gb HD (ideal for SSD upgrade which I did in the one I'm keeping)


- Nvidia Geforce GT710 graphics, 2gb DDR5, HDMI and DVI out (works great with dual monitors)


- DVD drive (!)


- USB 2 and 3


- Sound


- Ethernet


- Running macOS 10.13.6


This one doesn't have wifi or bluetooth as I just used ethernet, but I put a wifi/bluetooth card in my other one so can tell you what you need if you want to go that way.


Its been a fun project but just sitting here doing nothing now. Any interest PM any questions.