My Sony 4K TV developed a known fault on Friday, and was out of action


We had arranged for people to come round on Saturday to watch the ABs game etc.


Rather than cancel the event, we bought a 50" Veon TV from the Warehouse.


The purchase was justified that we could use it as a spare TV in the master bedroom, however we have concluded that there isn't the space to store it, so it is going up for sale.


The TV was purchased on the Saturday. Used to watch the ABs match, and then used Sunday morning and evening.Freeview has been tuned and I adjusted the colour settings.


My Sony TV was repaired Tuesday.


The Veon probably has viewing hours of, maximum 15.


I have all the packaging.


I have the receipt for the 3 years warranty


Remote control, probably had 20 button presses


Purchased from Warehouse in Newmarket


Pickup from Parnell.


You can come round for inspection


The price was $599.


Happy to take $580 for it.




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